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Welcome to Tibshelf Parish Council




Tibshelf, and the surrounding areas, have had a colourful and varied past and have been important for mining, quarrying, medicinal springs and horticulture.


In 1550 several shallow mines, one of which was owned by Bess of Hardwick, were opened in the area, starting a trend, which was to see coal mining overtake agriculture as the main industry.


By the 19th century, two deep mines were in operation and a main line rail network developed to support the transport of both passengers and coal.


Tibshelf’s claim to fame was also based on the fact that Britain’s first inland oil well was sunk on the outskirts of the village. In recent years the village economy has changed radically with the closure of the local collieries and the railway.


Today the village provides good educational and leisure facilities, and a pleasant rural home for 3400 people within a short distance of the Peak District National Park, Sherwood Forest and The Dukeries. Because of the close proximity of the M1 motorway, and the links to the west provided by the A38, Tibshelf is ideally situated for commuting to Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield or even further a field.


Further information about Tibshelf can be found on the Tibshelf Past and Present section of this website


Tibshelf Parish Council normally meets on the third Tuesday of every month except August in the Parish Meeting Room behind the Village Hall on High Street at Tibshelf. You can find the dates of all our meetings on the Meetings section of our website.




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The next meeting of Tibshelf Parish Council will be held on:

16th SEPTEMBER 2014






Meetings 2014/2015



13/01/15 - Tuesday 13th January 2015


24/06/14 - Tuesday 24th June 2014

23/09/14 - Tuesday 23rd September 2014

25/11/14 - Tuesday 25th November 2014

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10/06/14 - Tuesday 10th June

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20/01/15 - Tuesday 20th January 2015

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21/04/15 - Tuesday 21st April 2015

Annual Parish Council Meeting

19/05/15 - Tuesday 19th May 2015