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Welcome to Tibshelf Parish Council




Tibshelf Parish Council normally meets on the third Tuesday of every month except August in the Parish Meeting Room behind the Village Hall on High Street at Tibshelf. You can find the dates of all our meetings on the Meetings section of our website





The next Meeting of Tibshelf Parish Council will take place on

21st June 2016 at 7:00 p.m.


the agenda will be available in the week previous to the meeting


The Statement of Accounts for Tibshelf Parish Council for the year ended 31st March 2016 can be viewed by clicking here

The Notice of Date of Commencement of Period for the Exercise of Public Rights can be viewed here

Rights of Inspection , objection and questioning of the Auditor may be exercised between 6th June and 15th July 2016




Tibshelf, and the surrounding areas, have had a colourful and varied past and have been important for mining, quarrying, medicinal springs and horticulture.

In 1550 several shallow mines, one of which was owned by Bess of Hardwick, were opened in the area, starting a trend, which was to see coal mining overtake agriculture as the main industry. By the 19th century, two deep mines were in operation and a main line rail network developed to support the transport of both passengers and coal . Tibshelf’s claim to fame was also based on the fact that Britain’s first inland oil well was sunk on the outskirts of the village.

In recent years the village economy has changed radically with the closure of the local collieries and the railway. Today the village provides good educational and leisure facilities, and a pleasant rural home for 3400 people within a short distance of the Peak District National Park, Sherwood Forest and The Dukeries. Because of the close proximity of the M1 motorway, and the links to the west provided by the A38, Tibshelf is ideally situated for commuting to Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield or even further a field.

Further information about Tibshelf can be found on the Tibshelf Past and Present section of this website

If you are a bit unsure about who to contact if you have a problem about public services, hopefully our Who Does What page may be able to help

Thinking about organising a celebratory party or want to know what activities take place in the Village Hall? -  then go to the Tibshelf Village Hall page where you should be able to find all the information.

We are currently working with Local Groups to provide information or links to their websites on our Local Groups page. If you are part of a group who would be interested in being included on this page then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

On our Facilities page you will find information about the variety of resources provided by the parish council within the Parish

Our Newspage gives links to the Newsletters we produce throughout the year as well as information on forthcoming events

For information on policies, procedures and documents which shape the way in which the Parish Council manage their afairs go to our Council Documents page. 

And finally  - on our Contacts page you can access contact information for the Parish Office, Parish Councillors, District and County Councillors and the Member of Parliament.













DE55 5NU


01773 875093



OPEN  8:30 - 3:45





The office will be closed on the following days due to staff holidays

Thursday 23rd June

Monday 4th July

Tuesday 5th July

Monday 11th July

Friday 15th July


Meetings 2015/2016



19/01/16 - Tuesday 19th January 2016


23/06/15 - Tuesday 23rd June 2015

29/09/15 - Tuesday 29th September 2015

12/1/16 - Tuesday 12th January 2016

5/04/16 - Tuesday 5th April 2016


23/06/15 - Tuesday 23rd June 2015

29/09/15 - Tuesday 29th September 2015

12/01/16 - Tuesday 12th January 2016

5/04/16 - Tuesday 5th April 2016


21/07/15 - Tuesday 21st July 2015

ad hoc as required


16/06/15 - Tuesday 16thJune 2015
21/07/15 - Tuesday 21st July 2015
15/09/15 - Tuesday 15th September 2015
20/10/15 - Tuesday 20th October 2015

1711/15 - Tuesday 17th November 2015

15/12/15 - Tuesday 15th December 2015

19/01/16 - Tuesday 19th January 2016

16/02/16 - Tuesday 16th February 2016

15/03/16 - Tuesday 15th March 2016

19/04/16 - Tuesday 19th April 2016

Annual Parish Council Meeting

17/05/16 - Tuesday 17th May 2016

21/6/16 - Tuesday 21st June 2016

19/7/16 - Tuesday 19th July 2016

20/9/16 - Tuesday 20th September 2016

18/10/16 - Tuesday 18th October 2016

15/11/16 - Tuesday 15th Novemer 2016

20/12/16 - Tuesday 20th December 2016

17/1/17 - Tuesday 17th January 2017

21/2/17 - Tuesday 21st February 2017

21/3/17 - Tuesday 21st March 2017

18/4/17 - Tuesday 18th April 2017

Annual Parish Council Meeting

16/5/17 - Tuesday 16th May 2017